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My side on the Assault 2

I recently returned from a trip to Telluride.  I used the North Face Assault 2 tent.  It rained almost every day we were camping.  After five days, the tent was completely soaking wet on the inside.  I contacted the North Face warranty department to let them know about the tent defect.  I  received the below email back from them!


Thank you for contacting The North Face.  Your tent was evaluated by our warranty technician and was determined that no material defects were found.  The tent is a single wall tent designed for high alititudes above 16,000 ft. where there is little to no precipitation in the air.  As a special service we can issue you a gift card for the full purchase price of the tent

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Your experience is unfortunate, but really, no single wall tent is going to stay dry after 5 days of rain. And to TNF's credit, the tent was designed as a fast and light mountaineering tent, with winter conditions in mind. Waterproofing, by design, is somewhat compromised for weight savings - this is the case with all single-wall 4 season shelters. It's just the nature of the beast. If you expect rain, pack a shelter with a fly, or consider bringing with a tarp to double as a tent fly.

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"4 Season" is a deceptive name on any of these tents... Should be called "4th Season". Single wall maountaineering tents are made for wind and snow. No brand of 4th Season tent will last in rain. Every 4th Season/single wall tent I've been in has condensation. These tents have thier place, just not in spring, summer or fall. IMO