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Gear Review

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My choice is: Ortovox F1 Focus

As a former Pro Ski Patroller, I am choosing the Ortovox F1 analog avalanche beacon; it was the model supplied by the Ski Patrol to all the Pro Patrollers. I was naturally interested, as well, in the digital beacons being offered, now, specifically the Ortovox X1; but after reading several reviews by both field-testers and actual users, I made my decision to stay with the familiar reliability of the tried and true! The reported main benefits of the Ortovox F1, over others, were its ability to better distinguish between multiple transmitters (useful for more than one buried person), greater detection range, and lower price! In contrast, others seemed to have had problems which the Ortovox F1 avoids, such as digital read-outs that were hard to read in bright light. Consider what the best device is for you and those who will use the device. You may well decide that a digital beacon is right for you. Whatever you decide, WEAR it! Also, carry a portable shovel and avalanche probes whenever you are out of controlled areas.