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My Top Board

This board is perfect. Ive noticed this is a really great jumper board despite some other reviews saying its more for jibbing. Its great for that too. The lock and load camber i think is the perfect board profile. You can bomb a run and jump like a camber board, but it cruises and is catch free like a rocker board. The base is amazing. Ive had 4 long days on this board and it still doesnt need waxing. Its also really fast. Like REALLY fast. I dont know if its the base formula or the structurn dimples that do it but rarely do i ever get stuck on those flat connecting trails anymore. I cant say enough good things about this board. I love that DC puts such great work and high end quality into their boards and the best part is that they can keep the prices on the low side. A board like this from burton is gonna go for at least $500 or more. Way to go DC, you guys nailed it