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Gear Review

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My First Pair

The Galileos were the first pair of shoes I bought for myself. I wear a 10-10.5 street shoe, and I bought 42.0s in the Galileo. They were excruciating for the first month or so, but soon fit like a glove. Mind you, they still ate my feet up on multi-pitch, but for the short stuff these shoes were a dream. They edge on a sliver, stick to glass, and actually turned my feet down a lot more than this picture would have you believe.

That said, I also experienced many of the small issues mentioned in other reviews, but none of them affected the performance of this workhorse. The velcro straps do indeed come long and quickly wore out on the ends, but the ends are hanging over, so who cares? The rubber DID separate slightly from the uppers, but again, this was only ever a superficial concern for me. I'm sure the white uppers on the shoe would get filthy in a hurry, but I actually decorated them with sharpies, so I loved em.

The Galileos have served me well, and it took over a year of constant abuse before Josh granite finally ripped two irreparable flappers in the soles. RIP.