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My Favorite Shoe

The first time I slipped these on at the crag, I fell in love. I had previously worn Sportivas and dealt with the uncomfortable fit. These shoes, however, went on and felt super snug but not uncomfortable. They fit my foot perfectly and I hope they never stop making them. I have just purchased my THIRD pair of feroces. Pair one has been re-soled twice and is about to be permanently retired, and pair two is about to be re-soled for the first time to become the gym shoe. I also have recently purchased a pair of the Vapor V's. I like them alot, but they're just not the same. I think that the features that set the Feroce apart from the Vapor are the rubber on top of the toe and the three velcro straps. My foot doesn't feel as secure in the Vapor when toe or heel hooking because of the lack of these features. But like I said I still like the Vapor.

Back to the main point: If you want a great shoe, check these out.

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I have a question for you: Are these more or less aggressive than the Vapors? I currently have Scarpa Helixs and am looking for a more aggressive shoe, but I've tried the Boosters and theyre just too much. Any advice or insist you could give me?