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Gear Review

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My Big Buddy!

I freaking love this pack. Let's be clear; it is bigger than anything that 90% of people who go backpacking will ever need. For those 10% of us who live for long gear intensive expeditions and deep winter travel, however, this is the pack of dreams. I personally hate tying anything other than my Z Rest to the outside of my pack (meaning I like to keep the tent on the inside, where its weight can stay close to my body), so this extra big backpack is perfect. I've used it a great deal in all kinds of conditions and not had any issues with anything breaking; this pack is solid! I can fit enough gear for a week of backcountry camping, plus rock climbing gear, my rope, and food, and carry it more comfortably than any other pack I've ever tried on would allow me to. This pack is very heavy, but that weight translates into LOADS of support, which is crucial for carrying heavy loads. My favorite part about it is how easy it is to access everything. There are a whopping FIVE points of entry to the main compartment; one from the bottom, one on each side, one from the front of the pack, and one from the top. Most packs offer only top and bottom entry, making it much harder to organize your gear effectively or find crucial items quickly.