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Mountain Ninja Boots!

I've had these boots for almost a year now. I've done everything in them from hike the Uinta's in late spring snow, summit every Flatiron in Boulder, Colorado, and frequent many bars in the late evenings. First off they look great and fit like a pair of custom made gloves. The soles are extremely sticky and allow maximum agility on steep terrain. I was able to climb up to a 5.7 - 5.8 YDS with confidence in my foot holds thanks to these babies! They are great for long climbs in the easy to moderate ratings (Class 5 to 5.7). My best description is they feel like mountain ninja boots! They are light, agile, and sensitive! Now for the downside... the are well made but they have a few flaws. The orange cushion between the sole and bottom of the boot degrades rather easily and causes the sole to separate from the shoe. This problem can be fixed with "shoe goo" but doesn't solve the problem. Also, the two nylon bands that retain the laces on the upper portion of the shoe frays over time and will break before the shoes possible life. Lastly, the tongue is only connect near the toes and thus provides no protection from dirt/debris from entering the shoe. This creates a problem when negotiating any loose soil/rocks due to the fact that you'll wind up with debris in your shoe. Other than that they are bad ass! They just need a little work and they could be perfect!