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Gear Review

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Most overpriced piece I have ever purchased.

Let me start by saying I bought this b/c I was so impressed by the quality of the Palisades pack I had bought for my dog. Previously, I had been using a Z Lite [small] foldable foam pad for my dog to sleep on but I figured a compressible bed might be a bit easier to pack. That being said, the Highlands Bed is next to useless. There is very little fill in it and I find it hard to believe that it would do much to insulate my dog from the cold ground. If you encounter water, the bed does a nice job of sopping it up. Sure, it's light but I basically spent $75 for a polyester towel. I really thought this pad might be something special since my other experience with Ruff Wear was so positive. Oh well, I'm switching back to the Z Lite pad for the pooch's bedding. It is cut down to size and straps on the outside of my pack. It may not be as small as the Highlands but at least it does its job and is a helluva lot cheaper.