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Gear Review

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Most fun I've ever had!

I just picked up a 159W Ride Highlife!

BACKGROUND: I mainly ride powder/big mountain/cliff dropping/trees/backcountry etc. out here in the Wasatch range of Utah.

This is hands down the most fun deck I've ever ridden - I've been on the hunt for a killer powder board for a

long time. Funny thing is - I practically knew after researching a year ago that the Highlife seemed like it was

made for me. But I kept getting great deals on other freeride boards on my list and never made the jump to the

highlife. Every board I picked up let me down in some way, either not a enough float, not enough pop, not

damp or stable enough etc. So finally I said FU*K IT and picked up a brand new Ride Highlife!

My first run with this board was at Brighton, UT with 10 inches of fresh powder - on top of the 4 1/2 feet that

fell the previous 7 days. In another word, perfect conditions for my first time livin' the highlife. This board is the

most surfy, smooth, poppy board I have ever set foot on. I was BLOWN away at how stable and damp, yet

smooth it was. The float was a lot better than I expected, some spots were knee deep and the highlife surfed

right over it as smooth as possible. It's also incredibly stable when bombing runs, I couldn't believe it. Also

when dropping cliffs into pow then running out into the chop - this board PLOWS through it, you never get that

'squirly' feeling like other decks after a big landing. The camber in back gives you so much confidence. This

board was making me, or should I say letting me do things I would never have on any other decks. I just knew I

could stick whatever I could throw at it.

I have found what I've been looking for all my life.

If you're looking for an all mountain pow slaying killer freeride poppy stable damp cliff dropping backcountry

big mountain board - Look no further, the 2012 Ride Highlife is for YOU!