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Ample room, no moisture gets/soaks in, a breeze to put up, cake to fit back into the bag, & light weight. The only draw back that I can possibly think of is you cannot pitch this tent indoors, on concrete, rock, or whatever solid substance without using rope and such, without the stakes in the front and back for tension the air poles will just fall over

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Curious to hear about the inflation... the local gear shop mentioned the pump took forever and didn't recommend this tent... and yet all the reviews seem to indicate the ease and speed... Can you comment on this please?

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I have owned my Morpho now since last year. With the nemoid pump, it doesn't take that long. The setup time for me is a little less than a poled tent. It is very easy to inflate the airbeams, the larger one I think takes about 55 seconds to inflate. The smaller one is about 40 seconds I'm figuring. I never really timed it, but that's by my best estimation.