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More Hipbelt problems

I had the same problem as sch3082605 on a NOLS course, critical design failure in the hipbelt. Cracking in the main load bearing plastic support which shifted the load to flimsy support straps. Note that this occurred with a good condition pack borrowed from a friend on the 2nd day hiking with a 68lb load. The fact that Gregory will replace the pack doesn't help me very much when I'm already miles into the wilderness. Also, field repairs are impossible without a hex key, which is idiocy. I'll stick with Osprey.

Photo is of the break and my attempted repair, very difficult to access broken area so little could be done.

More Hipbelt problems
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I had the exact same thing fail, but after about 800 miles of hiking. Still, this happened 50+ miles from civilization, so the problem was serious. However, the pack still held together for another 150+ miles.

Another issue that has been coming up over the last 500 miles has been the lateral aluminum brace that connects the two vertical frame stays - it keeps wandering sideways and slips out of the fabric loops. Re-inserting that rod is extremely difficult. Without my titanium spork as a "shoehorn" I doubt I would have ever been able to field repair that.

Apart from that, I still think it's a darn good pack. Have to see if Gregory replaces the belt thing, but I don't have a receipt of the pack any longer... we'll see how their customer support is. Otherwise, I'll have to try a different brand pack.

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Peter, how did Gregory customer service perform?

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This happened to my Whitney twice, both times Gregory fixed and customer service was OK, Gregory will not pay for shipping to, but they will pay to send it back. I have had many miles on this pack, but I have an old Mountainsmith that I have had for just as long and its still in good shape. When the seams that hold the waist belt started to fail I got sick of sending this back every summer, its time to look at a different Manufacture.