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Moonlite led Great, However

I bought one to use mostly for reading and detail hobby/craft work. A Super Tool for this kind of work. It is bright and well made EXCEPT for a few things. The battery box is located on the back and it bothers my head when resting on a pillow reading in bed. It is a little difficult to remove the dead batteries. I use rechargable batteries and replace them about every two weeks or so as they won't last as long on a charge as a conventional battery. The battery box and wires are very sensitive and the light will flicker or go out often. It really pee's me off. I tinkered with wires and got it to work for awhile but then had to replace it. Secound unit did the same and now I need to replace it again. Was told that this is common complaint. It's really sad because I love the light. It is perfect for reading in bed as I can read while my wife sleeps as the light won't bother her. I will try one more new light and hopefully they have fixed this problem. If not, I am sure someone will design a light as good or better as they become more popular. This light would be a "10" if they would move the battery box to a more comfortable location and redesign the wiring so they don't short out. For now I will give it "8".