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Momchil from Bulgaria

This ice tool is the biggest rip-off I have EVER seen. The carbon fiber is less than 1 mm thick and beneath it is an ALUMINIUM tube. Grivel really pissed me of this time....After a season of dry tooling with it, the shaft aluminium tube gets exposed because the fake carbon foil determinates and the handle clicks when put under pressure. Don't buy this fake tool for such a load of cash.....Italian bastards, no wonder they are on the verge of an economic collapse _I_

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I think its pretty straightforward that this is only an ice tool-not meant for drytooling. And the description states its a composite material-Composite implies its not solely made from carbon fiber. Dont blame the tool if you used it for activities it wasnt meant for-after 3 seasons on pure ice, mine are still going strong.