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Gear Review

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Mom liked them but...

Well, my mom got these for a backpacking trip and although she wore them quite a bit before we went, she didn't experience a critical flaw. She really liked the pants, and loved the convertible factor. She really liked them as shorts and found that they fit great for hiking. She wore them on a day hike of 16 miles and found that they worked great other than the back pocket opening when she bent over. But when she put a pack on for three days, the belt loops in the back rubbed on her back really bad. She had a huge bruise and was in a quite a bit of pain every time she put her pack on and it sat on the belt loop seam. Beware of belt loops in general on backpacking pants. For hikes she will still use these but not for any extending backpacking trip with weight. She is also pretty short and found that the length was great for her, she got regular and stayed true to size.