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Mixed tool and great dry tooling weapon

not so great on ice compared to Nomic. The clone missed some of the genes of the Petzl Nomic. It isn't user error. If you want to climbed hard mixed this is a good tool. If you are on steep ice it isn't.

Mixed tool and  great dry tooling weapon
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your way off man. these tools are incredible, try using the laser pick on them for ice. if that doesnt work then the tool just isnt for you. but i climb grade 5+ ice at lake willoughby vermont with these and they are a dream. theres a reason you see every top climber in the world using them.............and its not because they suck. dahhhh!!!!!!!!!

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Dane - If you see this, wondering if your fusion comparison to the nomic is made with a with a nomic cascade pick or ice pick? from your amazing blog at, it seems you're not so much in love with the ice pick (even when modified due to the change in angle). With a steeper angle of the ice pick, can you confirm that it still climbs ice better than a Fusion with a laser pick? Thx!

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Hey Graham, Nomic climbs ice better/easier with the Ice pick or the Cascade than a Fusion. No comparison. No matter what pick you put in the climbs ice OK...but not great. Fusion is a better mixed tool for high end rock, but still flails around on the really steep ice.

Fusion is not a bad tool, just that the Nomic is such a great tool on ice and still decent on mixed. Difference in picks bewteen th two? Light years.

Dream? Dream on :)