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Gear Review

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Mixed thoughts

I've bought STH 16s for the past couple years (since the STH 14 Driver wasn't available in the US until recently), and there is a good reason for it, but there are also a couple reasons that I won't be buying them anymore.

So, lets start with the good. The adjust-ability is awesome on these. Toe-height is a screw on the top, wing adjustment is a screw on the side of one of the wings etc. Everything is exactly where you would think it should be, and it is really helpful if you ever need to adjust from a boot with more wear on the toe, to a newer boot with less wear, to an AT boot etc. Also, Salomon makes nice wide brakes, which is very convenient when compared to, say, FKS, where the widest brake is only 115mm.

Durability-wise, the bindings are pretty good. So far, I've had no catastrophic binding explosions, which is more somewhat reassuring. However, over time, the brakes become extremely loose and wobbly (not a huge deal) but the heel piece developes a little play foward and back, and a LOT of play left to right. This is definitely cause for concern, but so far, hasn't been a huge problem as far as i can tell.

Also, I've noticed that I prerelease out of the heel (especially when landing switch) with these bindings, but the problem is remedied with a very slightly higher DIN setting for the Heel piece (like 0.5 to 1 higher).

Finally, Over time, My STH 16s seem to prerelease more and more often. I've owned 2 pairs on 2 different skis (4frnt VCTs and ON3P caylors) and I've experienced the problem with both. I found that the problem was resolved however when I loosened the toewing adjustment, raised the toe height, backed up the forward pressure, lowered the DINs, and then reset everything correctly (as determined by a qualified shop technician, of course). I know for a fact that the toe-wings and toe-height become loose naturally, while the forward pressure remained spot on.

All that said, these are good bindings, and I know people much better than me who will swear by them. However, in my opinion, when compared to FKS 18s, or Deabolt/tyrolia 15's or 18's, they just aren't as reliable in the long run, which is why I give them 3 stars.

Mixed thoughts