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Gear Review

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Mission, best vision!

I've never really liked wearing goggles. That unnatural look from the lens tint but mainly on seeing the frame. I feel compressed, they're literally up in my face bothering me while I'm riding, cramping up my stoke. No more with this big fatty bowl :D

I'll compare the size difference with the Oakley Crowbar which I've been using for a couple of years and could be said a standard size goggle. The crowbar's peripheral/side vision is very good but it narrows at the top and bottom. The Fishbowl extends vertically and out solving this concern. You have to try hard to see the top/top corners and sides, barely there! The nose area is pretty much the only thing evidently there and it's minimal. If you are looking straight everything just feels so open and free! Go ahead look side to side too, up and down because you have the vision to do so!

Comparable goggles I've tried on are EG2's and Dragon's APX. I've also tried Von Zipper's Feenom which I'd say size wise is in the middle of a standard goggle and the Fishbowl and it also offers good vision vertically.

In short... most goggles already offer great size horizontally and adding great vertical size makes for a much better package ;)