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Gear Review

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Metabolism on the go

These work quick! WIthin 10 minutes your body can metabolize these and start converting them into usable energy. The glucose in these are already broken down into simple carbohydrates which metabolize much faster than complex food stuffs giving you the immediate energy right now. I was blown away when I started using these. On ultra runs I could slam 2 of these an hour and keep going for 8, 12 18 hours in a race without actual food stuffs. Like I said it take about 10 minutes for your body to start releasing energy stores. After using them for a while you become more in tune with your body and setting up a scheduled dose. When I am racing competitively on an ultra I usually take in 1 ever 20-25 minutes. During training usually 1 every 45 minutes after the first hour. What I like about them is they give quick stores of energy. They are incredibly easy to digest and soft on the digestive tract (you don't want heavily metabolized nutrients on the go). They are compact and sleek, you can store them every where and they do not take up much room. There is a plethora of flavors at your disposal to ward of monotony. They can be a little pricey when going through a box or two a week, but it all depends on your budget, the type of athlete you are and what your intentions are. Other than that I love it.