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Gear Review

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  • Gender: Male
  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

This hoodie looks a lot cooler than it fits or feels, not sure why - and that's only my take on it. First of all - the smell of this thing out of the bag was toxic...ugh.

I cannot stand hoodies / fleece that bunch up on you @ the waistband - who thinks that works? Esp after 2010. This one will pull my underlayer top out of my pants, so thats a huge bummer...constantly tucking that thing in. Makes you wonder if the people who designed it ever wore it...and why this type of 1980's type of elastic-style waistband is included.

I'll likely return it - it just has that dopey, dorky feel to it that makes me not feel right and conversely, feel retarded. Bad on you Oakley...this would be OK perhaps if the waistband wasn't permanent or if it could be let out slightly, varied. Bummed.