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Let me preface my review with this: I have never splitboarded before. Never ridden any other splitboards besides this.

I guess maybe I had different expectations for what this board would feel like. It's heavy. Like... really heavy. Could definitely be because I'm used to riding light park boards, but this thing felt like a tank.

Something about this board just felt... off. I consider myself a pretty good rider and this thing had me totally off my game. Tons of things this could be attributed to (heavy PNW snow, me being used to riding a true twin vs a tapered directional powder board, me having size 9.5 boots on a board this wide... the list goes on).

It felt like it just wanted to point in a straight line, and if I tried to force it to do anything else I felt the flex of the board hindering me.

It's a splitboard, you can get out in the backcountry with a lot less effort (ONCE YOU MASTER IT!)

Doesn't handle hardpack well
Too wide for smaller feet? (I got a 161)
Difficult to learn without guidance
Flex is weird

Guess it's back to the park and riding inbounds for me!

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not come off like im attacking you, but if you ride in the park a lot this is a completely different arena, i get a burton custom x, and driver x boots every few years and thats a pretty stiff setup, and i have to say the voile isnt too bad, the hard pack sucks but this board is meant for the soft fluffy stuff, i actually really enjoy it inbounds as well if im gonna do a little sidecountry, maybe try to playing around with how you have your bindings setup, and check how your binding is on the slider plate, you may need to move it back (or forward), i brought my stance back but still kept it really responsive and floaty at the same time, like i said before the trick for me was adjusting my binding back on the slider plate and this made a big difference.... play around with it some more, it took me a while to find my sweet spots but once i did i fell in love....... good luck

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I've never ridden this board but I have ridden splits before and I guess I'll throw in my 2 cents:

ANY splitboard is going to weigh more than any comparable normal board - there's just more to it... BUT that's not really a fair comparison. For most users a splitboard is replacing snowshoes AND a board, so I guess that's a more appropriate weight comparison. That and the fact that you're not carrying a massive piece of gear on your back (where it messes more with your balance) either going up or down.

Some friends - one owns a significant board co (and has a split in his lineup) and another a lauded AK big mountain guy put it like this: If you took a performance car, gas-axed right down the middle, then reattached those two halves with a few fixtures you wouldn't expect the same performance... It might be okay, it might be awful, but no way is it going to ride like a normal board. A splitboard is a compromise. If you're happy to give up some down hill performance for up hill / flat ease then you'll be happy.

I wouldn't be hiking if it weren't for the ride down. That's really what it's all about for me. I'm out there for the ride.

So I snowshoe...

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quit whining you baby.

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Do yourself a favor and buy a splitboard. There are a tiny minority of those who snowshoe out there (Chris Chan). There are also those out there who get nasty looks from everyone in the backcountry because you're royally messing up the hard worked for smooth skin track with those awful snowshoes (also you chris chan!). Anyone who thinks a splitboard ruins their riding ability probably hasn't spent much time riding big mountain boards. If you took a mojo in the halfpipe, it'd be a train wreck. If you take a mojo where it's designed to go, big mountain pow lines, it'll perform incredibly well.

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If youre worried about rigidity along the joint you should check out Karakoram. They make spliboard bindings as well as new clips that eliminate the slop that the stock Voile hooks have in them. The difference is astounding.