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Gear Review

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I like black diamond as a company and most of their stuff is great, but the mirage seems to need a second, updated, version. Manufacturing quality is a little lacking considering the price. Just like the other reviewer, I set it up inside first because I was too excited to go outside right away, and it didn't sit level. Stakes remedy this, but disappointing non the less. The fly is difficult to get right even after setting up the tent a bunch of times to get good at it. You can get the whole thing taut and then the door flaps in the wind, you can fix that and something else flaps. The fly clips to the body with little adjustable plastic pinch clips like you find on your backpack's hipbelt. This is cool, but if you step on those little lightweight things they might break, and they provide too much adjustability i.e. inconsistency. I think the shape of the tent is it's downfall. A good idea but it would be hard to make right without the tent being more expensive than it is, so considering this, black diamond did a good job. The main reason I am disappointed in this tent is the vestibule space. Being able to set your stuff out of the way of the door is a good idea if there is enough room to set your stuff there in the first place. The fly is so close to the tent in the vestibule there might as well not even be one. If you use this tent by yourself and only by yourself, there shouldn't be any problem. You could put everything inside with you in that case, but if is wet/muddy/dirty the inside of your tent will be too, causing it to not last as long. I could fit my size 13 boots and cooking stuff for the morning in the vestibule and that's it. With the door situated how it is one person still has to crawl over the other to take a piss. Minor annoyance, but an annoyance still. As for interior space, for one person it is perfect. For two it's tight but very doable, but you have to put your gear outside in the rain. There seems to be a lot of wasted space because of all the corners. Not very efficient. As for condensation, this tent excels. Air circulation is great, so if you hate condensation and you would buy anything so long as it does not have any condensation problems, this tent is great. Mild weather can't get through this tent either. I had it at 11,000ft. in rain and on top of snow at the same time, and it was fine. Just don't expect it to be perfect for every weather situation. I wish the fly came all the way to the ground, or at least closer to the ground. There are vents built into the fly so I don't see why there needs to be tons more ventilation by making the fly short. So, basically, I was not happy with this tent, I will be returning it to rei and buying something different, probably spending more, but if you are looking at this like a solo tent, I would recommend it to you. Especially for warm weather use.