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Mega Calves: Spark Boot Review

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Vibram Sole, look at that beast, wicked aggressive sole. Pretty awesome if you are going to try and cheese grate them on a snowmobile running board, or plan on doing a lot of mountaineering. I was able to toe into a pretty significant ice layer when boot packing, something most snowboarders would leave a skier to do in hard boots. Furthermore they fit crampons well, so there is no drama. There is however a little down side, well or upside?..depending how you look at it. The sole stops short of the heel, toe and the sides. The actual soft boot kind of hangs over the sole, but why? Leverage, on a skin track you will be able to hold a better sidehill/traverse for sure. Consider it like a binding riser on a ski binding, the taller the binding, the more leverage. Same principal with this boot, however I found that when stomping landings the boot had a tendency to roll forward in the binding. So it actually like pivots/rocks a little under high stress. It is not the worst thing ever, something you have to decide is worth all the other benefits, but the first time it happened I almost went over the bars. Cranking down your bindings will not resolve this?? Trust me. Oh almost forgot, centering the boot is a little tricky because the sole being smaller than the actual boot, but just take your time.
Sizing, I measure a 31 mondo, I rocked a 30. Size down one full size if not 1.5?? The boot will pack out half a size anyways.
I think that is it, the boot has a large profile, seems to be on the fatter side, but they last. Just make sure you are looking like sasquatch below the knee and you should be all set.

Stay safe and keep it going.

Tiny Monks.

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