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Meah, Not what I would call an avy shovel

Although this shovel is what I would consider an average shovel that does the job is was designed to do, I feel that it does not do the job as well as others. Build quality is great (it should last you a lifetime with minimal pin issues). Where this falls short is in the way you assemble it. In a situation where you have to use this to unbury an avy victim you want to be able to assemble it fast and without the need of too much concentration. The fact that the shaft is round means that the pins are not always aligned and time is needed to rotate the shaft to get the pins to snap in place. The shaft also goes a few mm past where it should for the pins to line up with the holes, taking more time to align the pins with the holes. For these reasons I give this no more than 3 stars. In fact I plan to replace this shovel with something better suited to time sensitive emergency situations. So if you are looking for a shovel to add to you avalanche kit, look elsewhere.. but if you are looking for something to build booters or have in you car, this will work fine.

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I read this review before purchasing and said "psht, this guy just can line things up, i'll be fine" but i should have listened. This thing is a pain to put together, especially in a rush because of the round design. Oval designs where the "plugs" already line up is the way to go for sure. This is great of digging pits and building jumps, no doubt, but in an emergency where every second counts... id like to have something else.

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Having personally rescued someone, fully, buried in an avalanche with this shovel. I have found the non indexing handle to not be a problem. If the 2 seconds it takes to assemble it is too long, never take it apart. Like the old curmudgeons do. This is most certainly an avalanche shovel, as well as many other uses.