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Marmot Pinnacle

This is an awsome down bag. It is very warm and not too cramped inside. I do tend to be a cold sleeper, but I have slept comfertably into the lower twenties with only a light base layer. I have found this bag to be too warm for milder nights, and have had problems with sweat collecting in the bag even with the side zip opened for ventilation. I find it to be more of an pain than a problem, and the bag even when mildly damp has always kept me warm. I have found that as long as the night time temps are below 35 degrees I am fine, but any warmer than that and this is just more bag than I will need. Marmot sleeping bags are very well built, and you won't be disappointed in the craftsmanship. I have not had any problems with loosing down, nor have I noticed any loss in loft. I would recomend this bag to anyone for a fall/spring bag, and for winter in mild climates.

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Update 8/31/2010:

After another years service this bag is still holding strong, and this bag got alot of use this last year. It logged too many nights to count in the mountains of East Tennessee. I still only recomend this bag for late fall-early winter,and late winter- early spring in this climate. It can be too much bag when the nights are not as cool as it should be around these parts. I have noted that I am considerably more comfertable in my zero degree bag at 15 degrees than in this bag... So unless you want to wake up late at night reaching for more layers, and/or be chilled in the morning. I wouldn't push the lower limits of this bag to much. That being said, it is nice that a bag will even keep warm anywhere near it's temp rating... Many bags don't these days! The quality of this bag is second to none. The bag has never lost down, and the loft is the same as the day I purchased it. I have no plans of replacing this one, and plan to get years more service out of it.

I have also used this bag several time in Wyoming, and Colorado or the past year. I find it perfect for summer use at higher elevations. The dry alpine air helps prevent the condensation problems mentioned above in my review, and I have been comfertable at temperatures in the mid to upper fourties. It is always nice to have the assurance that your bag is a quality piece, and warm whenever you are at hige elevation because you never know when the stuff could hit the fan.