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Many other, better options

I got this, thinking it would be a good idea to have a canister support. This unit has mediocre construction, but the bigger problem is that it doesn't fit all canisters. It has multiple slots, but there is just enough difference in canisters that not everything has a tight fit, and without a tight fit, it seems to defeat the purpose. The other problem is that the wider base can actually make it harder sometimes to find a flat surface, since you need a larger flat area to make it work. Overall, not a great design. It seems to me that a tripod-style support that allows changing the length or angle of the legs would enable many more cooking options. I've given up on manufacturer solutions in favor of do-it-yourself canister supports made from wooden clothespins -- cheap and work better on many more surfaces. You should also bring zip-ties (or velcro) and an extra couple of thin tent-stakes, so you can anchor your canister/stove to the ground for the ultimate in stability.

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I have one made by Brunton that has more slots, is pretty sturdy and cheaper than $10.

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You have me intrigued with your clothespin/velcro/zip tie solution. Can you please give me some more info on that or maybe a photo or a link? Thanks. :)