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Made in 'Merica!

Made in the USA! Both the hardware and my split that is. Voile continues to crank out amazing gear. As they say - Simple. Solid. Backcountry. Hard to argue with any of that. The kit was relatively easy to install, and though I had doubts my DIY would stay in one piece in ride mode, it has been out for half a season and held up great. Easy to put together in the field, and surprisingly quick transitions from up to down mode (2-3 minutes?). In my mind this is the best system out there. The slider plates plus standard bindings are a little heavy, and I may someday switch to a split-specific binding, but for now they do the job.

A couple of construction hints:
-Drill a very small pilot hole for each hole through the deck
-When drilling the countersink holes for the t-nuts, drill a small pilot hole from the top, flip the board and drill out the countersink, then flip over again and drill out the top hole to full size. This helps keep the larger bit aligned and makes the countersunk holes well centered.
-If you can, use a forstner bit to countersink the base-side holes rather than a paddle bit, provides more control.
-Cover all bare wood with marine epoxy while mounting hardware to keep moisture out

Voile instructions in the box are ok, but also found some great descriptions here:

Would also check out these videos from Voile prior to starting:

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Great tip on using a forstner bit - I used a paddle bit when I did mine 4 years ago and that turned out to be my biggest challenge. The paddle bits dulled very quickly from the fiberglass on my board, and I had to resharpen the bit after drilling every 2-3 countersink holes.