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Made for Skiing and Snowboarding!

I've been using these for snowboarding for the last 2 years and they are perfect! They are small and fit comfortably under your goggles which help hold them on your head when you get inverted and also hold them against your ears for superior sound! You can also move them off an ear or 2 so you can year what's going on around you and still hear your music! They also have a grippy rubber on the top that holds onto your beanie so it stays put and doesn't move back and forth. These are so comfortable that your forget you are wearing them!. They also work ell with Siri if you are using an iPhone 4s to check the time, check or reply to a text, or to make or receive a call! The only issue I have had with these is sometimes the button will get pushed in between my chin and my jacket and it will pause my music.

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Hey man,

These sound good for boarding. Have you heard of ZED-phones?

They're made for boarders by boarders in Melbourne. They are wireless, flat, headphones stitched into really warm beanies and headphones.

You get them from They ship globally for free.

Let me know what you think.