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Made Me Into A Tentative Barefoot Convert

My birthday comes and I find in one of the packages the New Balance MT10 Minimus Trail Running Shoe - Men's and I was told that it only had a 4mm drop instead of the severe zero drop that a lot of the barefoot shoes had. I shrugged and gave it shot and found the lightest and most interesting iteration of barefoot running yet in these shoes. After the stride adjustment (faster cadence for lack of weight and being more forward knowing that heel strike = wrong) I made the discovery that I was getting faster in my 5k times with less recovery time.

A few points, try these on as I have found that it can run small with certain foot sizes. I sized up to an 11.5, but I'm in between an 11 and 11.5 on both feet so it makes sense. Also, if you have a narrower heel/achillies, prepare to get scientific with your shoe tightening as I got heel rub in socks and MASSIVE rub when running barefoot. Also, the sole/rock plate on this model can be used for light trail, but you'd want a heavier, more aggressive rock plate for any medium sized plus pointy rocks.

All that said, if you are looking to find your barefoot stride, this is a great option to start with and I have a feeling that this is only the beginning.....

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I have narrow heels and achilles, and don't suffer the rub you're talking about at all. It is probably something specific to the shape of your heels. Also, there is no rock-plate on the MT10, and it's not really good for rocky trails. The MT110 would be a much better choice.