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Made In China Now

I enjoy the warmth of the slippers and their durability. That is why I asked for another pair this past Christmas. I was let down first by the fact that they are made in China, not in Maine like my last pair, and they cost even more! There is less leather across the widest part of my foot, making for a tighter fit, (I know the fuzzy insides will lay down and loosen the fit) The sole of the slipper has an annoying slip resistant pads that are only in the center of the sole not across the entire sole, so there is a raised feeling in the center part of my foot. They are still a great pair of slippers, but I am not a loyal fan any longer since they went over seas and decided larger profits were superior to making superior products.

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I, too, am refusing to purchase products from over seas....time we brought back superior manufacturing in the USA!