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M.H. Stretch Cohesion

I hate to do it, but I can't give this jacket a good review. I must agree with the other reviews about the lack of performance of this jacket. I am an outdoor guide who uses/tests a ton of gear and am a huge fan of M.H. I took this jacket on a trip around the world (the best field test ever). I thought it would be a good compromise for a one jacket do-all, from alpine climbing to rainforest trekking to city dwelling. And, if/when i thrashed it, I'd only be out a hundo. It has some of the alpine features I wanted, and I also thought it would serve well as a general use rain jacket for trekking and in towns. It is very light, and balled up small for stuffing in my pack (another plus for traveling). I bought my girlfriend the same one as well, and we both had the same problems. As an alpine shell (which i realize is a stretch), it did a great job at blocking wind and retaining heat (with a fleece and a M.H. compressor hoody underneath). The fit is great, trim and athletic (5'10'' 180 size large) but enough room for a light puffy. The quality of the jacket is awesome.. it held up to 6 months of travel in some crazy places. The problem, as others have stated, is in the laminate. During rainy hikes, this jacket would become soaked on the inside. Now, I haven't conducted the science experiment to see if it was soaking through from rain, or if it was condensation, but nonetheless, every time we wore these jackets while recreating in rainy environments, we were both soaked underneath. Yes, we used the underarm zips and were wearing merino underneath most times. If we were at altitude, and it was dry, the jackets worked fine, but the one thing it is designed to do (be waterproof/breathable) it failed at, not on one jacket, but two. That's proof enough for me. Don't get it twisted people, M.H. has put out a "Cohesion" jacket and a "Cohesion Stretch" jacket, so make sure you know which one you're reviewing. I believe both have the same laminate though. Good thing M.H. is investing in this Dry Q, because it is far superior.. but i would go with the Dry Q elite.