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M.H. Lamina 45

Wow.. how small can a sleeping bag get? Not much smaller than this one. Not only is it small, but all of the Lamina bags come with (what would be the equivalent of) a $20.00 compression stuff sac. This thing compresses TINY. But even more importantly, the bag is comfy and accurate to its rating. I always wear a light base layer when in a bag (to protect from sweat and grease) and this bag kept me warm in an Adirondack fall night (40 degrees). The Lamina cut is mummy but with some wiggle room. The 45 has a small draft tube along the zipper, but no draft collar. The hood will cinch closed if its necessary to conserve heat. It seems very thin, but the slight layer of insulation is enough for summer backpacking. I own several Lamina bags and I swear by them. Great product.