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Gear Review

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Love these!

I bought these to replace a pair of older, less expensive Tubbs that never seemed to stay on and had a heel strap that was worthless. So the binding system was very important and these didn't disappoint. Used them four times on packed trails and fresh deep snow. They are very, very easy to walk in and stayed well fastened durning a 3 hour hike in powder and steep grades. I had no trouble figuring out the binding system. I did a short, steep, icy slope (not something I'd make a habit of in snowshoes) to test them out and they were great-- the crampons held nicely during a couple of steps at a very high grade on almost ice without the binding slipping. I sunk up to my knees in deep powder but given they are not touted as backcountry snowshoes I wasn't too surprised even though I'm on the lower half of their advertised weight range. Would buy these again for the purpose I bought them for--although my next pair will be more compatible with deep powder so I can explore a little more past the end of an established trail. They were fun and I enjoyed the hikes without having to worry about uncomfortable snowshoes.