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Gear Review

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Love the Mobe

I’ll leave the technical details to the more qualified and cut to the chase. I just completed my annual hajj north from the Tahoe area, spending February 9th thru the 21st based out of Revelstoke. I arrived with only 2 days in the new Mobe’s, along with this year’s Coombacks and a Dynafit set up, interested to see how the boots would perform fresh out of the box. Amazing . Skied RMR the first day (on different skis) in good, but thrashed chop on an amazing base with 30 cms a few days earlier; cat skied the next day (on the Coombacks) in blower knee to thigh; and then spent the next 7 days ski mountaineering out of the Selkirk Lodge with long tours in high in the alpine, coupled with steep and deep trees, all again in knee to thigh. Not a single glitch with the Mobe’s. In fact, they performed beyond expectations in every respect. Great power strap, awesome buckles, easy conversion walk to ski, and the inner boot is a dream. For serious skiers with a sidecountry and backcountry bent focused on power and performance on descents, along with a boot that can tour, the Mobe is an excellent choice. Go for a lighter set up if you’re more tour oriented and less focused on downhill performance. Yet, if you want to tour or leave a gate and rip steep, technical lines, I recommend the Mobe without hesitation. And for context, I’m 6’, 175 lbs, with what I’ve always thought of as a very average foot. Best to all and play safe. JP