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We bought the Lynx I and the new 2010 Force for use on the Ocoee river in Tennessee. We paddled both in flat water and I realized quickly that I wanted to use try the Lynx first in rapids. So I took it down to the middle Ocoee and set off. I am not an expert but have spent a good bit of time on the water in other boats. I dropped into the first class 4 and instantly realized I was in way over my abilities. I knew enough to follow the rafts so I contiued their lines through the rapid. To my surprise I spit out the bottom still in my boat. Wow! So on to the next and the next with perfect results each time. I couldn't believe what this boat carried me through. Of course I had to brace, pick my lines and be careful but I was thrilled. What a boat. I am not crazy about the seat, I bought thigh straps and added a righting strap. I don't regret this purchase at all and am now wondering if I should have bought two Lynx instead of the Force. We will see. But please, don't think you can jump in this boat and survive big water. It still takes some knowledge and planning. If you do your homework you will have success in this boat.

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You were smart to take the Lynx down first. You'd have experienced bad swims if you had taken the Force without experience. With more experience though, you'll be using the Force more and letting someone else paddle the Lynx. The Force is a playboat requiring skill, and the Lynx is a river-running expedition type boat that is more forgiving.

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The Force I was referring to in the above post was the 2010 Force. It is much different than the Force XL or the old Force. It has much more rocker, is wider and has larger tubes. The new Force is much less of a playboat than the Forces of the past and is more of a river runner.