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Gear Review

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Love it so far

Got last years ski on deep discount in march last year in Chamonix, and it really took everything i could throw at it (I dont think anything has changed except the graphic). a good friend of mine was on the Gotama and we switched off skis a few times to feel the difference. We were both in agreement that these were an excellent ski which was very similar to the Gotama, but favored groomers a bit more than the full rockered Volkl. They both have some pop to them, but influences really allowed you to get great performance in any turn shape, where the Katana's really wanted to turn the length of their reverse camber. They provided ample float and shovel to power through powder and crud (though not quite as easily as the Gotamas (which as mentioned are full rockered )) . The metal in them makes them a little heavy, but i found them very well balanced, so I didnt really mind the extra swing weight on hop turns. Overall very happy with my purchase.