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Gear Review

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Love having a dry bag with straps!

Love it. For years, I've been hauling around my old SealLine with no straps. Wish I had gotten this sooner! This pack is awesome, and pretty comfortable. Everything perfectly dry in all SealLine products for years. I own the 35L and 70L.

My only complaints are that the strap positions are a little to high, for 2 reasons. 1) I am pretty small (5'4"), and the bottom of the bag in both the 35L and 70L hits the backs of my legs while walking. I would rather the straps were lower and the bag went up higher, like a camping pack. 2) Sometimes (ok, almost all the time) I have just too much gear to fit in the 35L, but not nearly enough to fill the 70L. Because of the high strap placement on the packs, I can't just roll down the top of the 70L to make it whatever size I want, so it ends up loosely packed and awkward.