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Love at first wear.

I didn't know if I needed booties. Why not just put on some extra socks at the campsite, or wear my ski boot liners when I need to "step outside" of the snowcave? Well nothing compares to the incredible warmth your feet encounter inside these things, and the rubber soles mean you can grippily and dryly make the trek to any snowy lou. Once you use them, you won't ever go back to the barbaric past you came from.

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how bulky are these? are they strictly for outside in utah weather?

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I bet your linners are happier too :) I have the women's version and on backcountry trips there is nothing better than slipping these onat the end of the day :) I had to get a pair for my ski partner becasuse he didn't believe me, he then had to send a pairto his brother in Alaska. Bottom line, GREAT investment for front country, side country, back country, and everywhere in between.