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Love Langes

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I have two disclaimers: I have not skied on this boot yet and I love Lange boots. This is my second pair of Langes in the past 5 years. My other pair don't have rubber soles or a ski/walk mode. I needed a boot that could keep up with my more frequent backcountry explorations. So last year I went with the Nordica Firearrow F1. Great boot. But not for my feet. I have a narrow, low-volume foot. I appreciated the design of the F1 but not the feel. My feet were exhausted by the end of the day.
Now with the XT I am in heaven. They have a great fit, improved liner, and a ski/walk mode. I am so excited to use these this year. I didn't give it 5 stars because I haven't used them yet and also I want to see if there are any faults with the ski/walk mode.
I highly recommend this boot to anyone with a narrow and low-volume foot who likes to venture past the resort boundaries.
UPDATE 1/8/13 - By far my favorite boot! There have been improvements since my last pair of Lange's. They have exceeded my expectations in every way. I have to agree with Vla on the softness, to an extent. The boot is kinda soft for the first little bit of flex, then BAM! It kicks into full gear! I've never felt close to shin banging though! These boots have performed well on the front side, side country, and skinning. Great boot!
I am not sure why Gavin is having problems with his boots. I did notice from the pics that his instep is on the first catch. I ride with mine on the second (I haven't micro adjusted them). Maybe that's why mine doesn't leak?? PS this is not Lange's first freeride/touring boot. It is the first one (that I know of) with a ski/hike mode.
I'm sorry Gavin had a bad experience, but I love these and would still recommend them!

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How about an update? Sounds like you could be more helpful than this.

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I got a pair this christmas and I cannot be happier with my purchase!!! So far I can comment on the hike function much except for the fact that it is great for walking around the resort and up and down stairs. The flex of this boot feels softer than a 130 but it is so damn smooth. I skied trees for two days this past weekend in Steamboat, and I felt like the boot was responsive to the point that I was using less energy and skiing better than I ever have. My feet are high volume and the 110 toe box was very comfortable with a great heel pocket. I went for custom insoles due to my very high arches and they feel dialed in. I am wondering if anyone has tried touring in these? They are lightweight for an alpine boot.

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How can you possibly write a review for a pair of SKI BOOTS with a disclaimer saying " I have not skied on this boot yet" ???
=== But anyway, at least it's nice to see that you posted an update AFTER you actually used the boots! (since the purpose of a ski boot review is to inform other prospective buyers about how the boots perform while fulfilling their purpose --namely how do they perform while skiing in them).

Also, I am glad to hear that at least for you the boots seem to have no leaking problems (or other problems).

I do not have the XT 130. I have the RX 130, and I was looking at this page because I was told that, besides the XT having the Power V-Lock feature (for walk/hike mode), there should not be much difference between the RX and the XT.

BTW: I used my new RX 130's only 1.5 days. One full day last Sunday at Stowe, VT (very cold day with temps in the lower digits on the top of the mtn), and then Tuesday night at Wachusett, MA where I skied for 3h in warm temps (40's). Both times the boots were absolutely GREAT to ski in... great control and I can say they are the most comfortable performance boots I ever skied in!!! (My previous ones were a 2010 Tecnica Viva Inferno Fling Flex 90 98-Last - which BTW: felt stiffer than these Lange RX 130s ).

The ONLY problem I have with these new Lange RX 130 is that they do leak!!! The liners got really wet, after both times I skied with them, even after just 3h of ski(!). I never had wet liners with any of my previous boots, so I am not sure if I should keep these RX 130 boots or not...