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Gear Review

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Love Hate relationship with this tent...

This is a great tent as far as the todtex materials its made out of.. very comfortable and very light.. with that said.. the really tiny metal zippers make it difficult to open with gloves on and this tent is a real pain in the a#@ setting up.. the inside pole design really sucks... tried setting this tent up at 12,000 ft with 60mph winds.. the pole design had the tent flapping wildly in the wind, which is no surprise with the conditions, but when the pole finally popped out of the snap in the corner while i was setting it up, it shot right through the floor and tore a nice little hole.. huge dissapointment.. prob would not have a problem like this with an external pole setup.. the snaps that hold the poles in place on the inside are cheap to say the least and shattered while closing at temps of -20F.. I guess you can say that i might of pushed the limits of this tent but this gear def. failed me when i needed it the most..