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Looks great!

Just picked up the Watts hardhat in matte black. I haven't ridden with it on yet, but I tried it on and it seems to fit very well. Word of warning: I wear a size 7-1/4 hat and the Bern sizing guide says I should be in a size Large helmet, but when I tried on the large it seemed a bit too loose with the liner in. With the liner removed, way too loose. So I ended up getting the Medium even thought it's a bit snug....I'm counting on the foam pushing out a bit as I wear it more.

It looks great. One of the most low-profile protective lids I've found. My Anon hawkeye goggles seem to fit well with the helmet (see attached pic).

A drawback for some could be that it's not technically a "helmet", i.e. it doesn't meet the testing standards necessary to certify it as a high-impact protective helmet. For me, I currently ride with no head protection, so even this "hardhat" is 1000% better than my current situation. I'm also not chucking myself off of huge jumps though, so the worst I expect is a little tumble down the hill or off a flat-down box.

I would have liked to see some adjustability built in but there is none. You just have to pick the closest size for your head and live with it possibly being a little too loose or a little too snug. Competitors' helmets go for less cash and have more adjustment capability.

I'll update my review after actually riding with the helmet.

Looks great!