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Looks good, but might be a bit pricey for what it is.

I got the black version of this. As far as looks go, it doesn't get much better than this. It has a nice tight fit in the midsection, and opens up a bit in the shoulders.

This is a mix of several fabrics. It has some of the stretchy waffle type fabric found in the Patagonia R1, and some furry (like an R2 with less pile). I didn't find it to be incredibly warm, but is still fairly good in that regard for how little it weighs. The cuffs are also very well thought out. I do think the collar is a little "floppy" though. I can't really explain it. It's just limp when not fully zipped.

I'll probably be sending this back, in favor of another R3 though. I'm not concerned with the weight of the garment, and this seems a little pricey to me for what it is. I'd like to see this garment at $150.

EDIT: There's no way this is going back. I stand by what I said on the pricing, but it's way to nasty to part with, and feels amazing to wear.

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Bought this in Caviar, size large (6'3", 180lbs). Slight misrepresentation as the picture on the Norrona website has stretch panels in gray, but pics in Backcountry are accurate. That being said, this is an incredible fleece, if you are looking for a warm layer under a shell, or as a light outer layer. It IS warm, but the stretch fabric panels are not windproof at all. I'm pretty lean, and the large is a snug enough fit that I can only pack a couple of technical layers underneath-a sweater would make things too tight, so go a size larger if you really want to layer. This is not a roomy North Face, and won't be a flattering fit if you have a gut... Hand gaiters are a plus, as they keep the sleeves taut and provide some protection for your hands. Summary-this is one sharp fleece, and if you have the right shape it will look REALLY good-and chances are no one else you know has one like it!