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Looking forward to using it

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While I have not had a chance to use the pack yet, I am looking forward to trying it out this spring. When I first got it I tried it on and walked around the house, bending every which way I could. The pads are wonderfully comfortable! I especially love the back pads. There is space running down the spine to let my back breath. Normally I am not a fan of internal frames, I hate digging through my whole bag to get one item. However the pack has a zipper running down the front of the bag allowing easy access to the internal compartment. I also like that there are small compartments for treats or a camera right on the belt across my waist. I am way excited to try the pack this spring, it is exactly what I need, comfortable, and easy access to all my items.

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Have you used the pack yet? How was it? Also what is your height/weight if you don't mind me asking.

I scored this pack really cheap last year on Steap & Cheap, and my girlfriend is planning on using it when she comes backpacking with me. Shes 5'8 130lb's, I have an Osprey Exos 58 I was thinking I would let her use that if the Revival is uncomfortable on women.

Thanks in advance!

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After much use, I have found it (as many have) to be tough on the hips. The pack does fill up well and provide smart access to many items deep within the bag. I am 5/11 180 lbs. BUT I have a longer leg to torso ratio. (shorter torso compared to leg length) So I have a medium. Fits well. I suggest checking out Sierra Design's measurement guide for torso length as what matters is your spine.. not overall height.