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Gear Review

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Long review. Main point-SOLID PRODUCT

I bought this about a year ago, and... it's still on time, so that's good. Course, we live in the 20th... uh... excuse me, 21st century so i would expect nothing less. As for other things you expect from a watch, i've never had a problem with waterproof-ness (except, see after my accident) but i really never go below about 15 feet of water. the thing looks as new as it did the day i bought it (again, accident). This watch is TOUGH. On that note, i may as well discuss my big accident. So, i'm a rock climber. One day at the gym i tried a big dyno that was out of my league. I missed horribly and SMASHED the face of my watch on the hold. I'm pretty sure any other watch would have been ruined. This guy? Oh this guy took a lickin' but kept on tickin! Unfortunately, I caught it right on the edge of the glass (or whatever it is) face and chipped it up a little. Please understand, this thing WORKS LIKE A CHAMP, but because of the unfortunate placement of impact... i get a LITTLE fog in the display when i get the watch wet. That's it folks, a tiny chip and some foggy-ness... and any other watch would have been destroyed.