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Long Live the Hammerhead

With only one season on these bindings and only 3 seasons of tele sking I still feel confidant saying that these bindings have made for huge improvements in my telemark turning skills and my enjoyment. They really facilitate keeping that back ski weighted and the whole forefoot on the ski for far better control of that ski than the other tele bindings I have tried. Their stiffness also better allows me to apply my lifetime of alpine skiing skills to learning freeheel techniques. After using them for some long, steep skin tracks in the backcountry I have found that they work fine for uphill. Even for this I have not been tempted to move the cable pivots to less than the stiffest position, #5, where I always ski these bindings, but I could. I had been planning to get 22 Designs Axls for my next skis, but the HHs seem to work fine for the uphill, and I love them for the downhill, so am installing some new HHs on my new Liberty Helix skis. Too bad 22 Designs is discontinuing this masterpiece of Russell Rainey's design. Don't think tele skiing needs a strictly lift-served binding like the Vice, meant to replace the HH.