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Like them a lot!

I haven't used any other brand of hexes (that might change in the near future) but I like these a lot for use in anchor-building (both multi-pitch and top-rope), or as a lighter-weight wide piece when I need more cams than I have available. I also almost always have an 8 or 9 on me in case I have to bail on it.

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Hey John, i just purchased a whole set of hexes specifically for setting up top rope anchors. Would you say hexes are easy and safe to use for this? Also are there specific sizes you think would be pointless to have for this. Any response helps. Thank you!

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Melissa - sorry I didn't see this sooner. Hexes are definitely easy and safe to use for that purpose. I would probably skip the smaller sizes that you could easily cover with standard nuts (4 or 5 and under) and go with some of the mid-range options (6-9 maybe?), but can't say definitively because I don't know where you're climbing or what the terrain is like. You'll figure out what you need and what you don't pretty quickly after a couple of trips with them on your rack.