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Gear Review

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Lightweight compact cooking

I have starting trying to go lighter for section hiking on the A.T. The JetBoil system is lightweight and compact, as all the components including the fuel cannister fit inside the container preserving valuable pack space. Operation is very simple and the system is easy to use. Boiling time is very fast because of the efficient design and heat distribution. The time saved over some other stoves is well worth the investment. This said, the stove does have some minor drawbacks. First is a stability issue. It is imperative that you find a flat and stable surface to use the stove. Second, the cup can be somewhat difficult to detach from the base, especially when the cup is full of boiling water. Lastly, the ignition lighter doesn't ignite every time. Again, these problems are minor in my opinion compared to the benefits. I would recommend the JetBoil as a very good cooking system.