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Lightweight, Convenient, and Easy to Use

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There really isn't anything bad to say about this small, very lightweight, convenient, easy to use, idiot-proof, and no frills stove. Simply attach it to a compatible canister (i.e. isobutane, propane, and n-butane), turn the gas on, and light it (no priming or pumping necessary). It comes with a plastic case, packs very small, burns clean, and is not messy at all. The only complaint, and it's an issue with all canister stoves, is it is not very efficient in the winter because the fuels vaporize in colder temperatures (in winter, the higher the propane content, the better - I prefer Primus canisters).

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To save you some winter grief and allow you to use this stove in extreme cold conditions here's a good tip. Find an old wetsuit,i.e. garage sale, craigslist or one you may have lying around; or even any old neoprene fabric from somewhere. Make yourself a stove fuel canister coozy ! Just did an overnight snow cave adventure with temps dipping below 0. Life was fine and dandy with my MSR windpro and no efficiency was lost. Give er a try.

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Great info. I have used my Pocket Rocket in some pretty cold conditions(5*F) but the performance was not as good as at more moderate temps. I will give your method a try.

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I also tried a heavy duty wool sock on another occasion that helped with fuel efficiency. (I don't do much winter camping so for me to get out and have to cook more than once in the woods while there is snow on the ground is a rarity). The sock worked well around the canister, however as use continued it froze to the out side of it! haha this was hysterical as we all had a good laugh at the beefy frozen wool sock canister. It was nothing that a good ol' shove in the foot-box of my bag couldn't fix though.