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Lightweight Banana Board

Man is this thing awesome. Unbelievably light compared to my old Alps Mountaineering pad (which was a BEAST at 3lbs! but amazing comfortable) and it packs down to a size that can actually make it's way to the inside of my pack instead of becoming the unevitable victim of the lone thorn when strapped to the side or bottom. Didn't lose any comfort due to its 2" thickness, and was well insulated in 25° weather.

In the pic is my 20° Pinole - I'm 6'2-3"and the bag fits me perfect. My last pad was a long, and not only wanting to cut weight but to also cut the crappy 10-20 bucks tall guys have to spend, I grabbed the regular. Underneath, as you can see, is the 40th, and when I sleep on it, my feet hang off by just a little. But nothing that bothers me at least.
So far she's a beaut. Hiking the AT SoBo later this year; we'll see if she holds out til Springer.

Lightweight Banana Board