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Gear Review

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Lighter and packs smaller

I had a TNF VE25 and I think it is the benchmark for 4 season goodness. But it also weights 12 lbs. and packs down to the size of a Smart Car. Tough to carry, even to distribute among three. The EV 3 cuts weight by about 40% and will pack down nicely. The single wall design does come with it's limitations, but there simply is no getting around the condensation thing perfectly. There will always be some consequences of exhaling warm air into a cold environment. If you don't need massive vestibules and you want to move faster and lighter, choose a tent with all the sleep space but much less weight. Drop the stuff sack and get some cheap tyvek and you've got a winner for winter, and margin months. Get some of those expedition group dome tents and go make a kick-ass documentary.