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Gear Review

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Light, waterproof boot. Happy so far.

The N. to S. Rim hike through the Grand Canyon is a extremely well groomed/maintained set of trails, so I can’t say that I was able to test them on many uneven surfaces. What I can say is that I had NO bruises, blisters, or other issues on the first day long hike into the canyon (i.e. hiking straight down for 6 hrs) or on the last day out of the canyon (i.e. 8 hours hiking uphill). I typically wear a US women’s size 9 and purchased these in the size 41, which fit my foot + orthotics v.well. I did sink the entire bottom of the boot to my ankle in a river at one point yet my foot stayed dry. My traction was sufficient on the gravel, sand, and rocky surfaces. Need to do more testing in wet conditions to give a final verdict, but am happy w/this purchase thus far.